Use a Service User instead of Direct Sign in (Office 365)

Use a single service-user account to access your displays, instead of directly signing into each display.

For larger deployments, or in some environments, it may make more sense to use a single service-user account to provide Meeting Room 365 access to your meeting room displays, as opposed to signing in to each account individually.

This guide will cover the steps to setting up a new display, connected to Office 365, via a Service User Account.

Sign in to Meeting Room 365

You can sign in via any method, but for this example, we will sign in with Office 365. For this example, our Meeting Room 365 admin account is also our service user account, and has limited admin permissions (service user).

Select "Add Office 365 Meeting Room Display"

Move to the second step

Click "Add a New Service Account"

Select "Office 365"

Select your Service User

You will be redirected back to Meeting Room 365

Select "Add Office 365 Meeting Room Display" (again)

Move to the second step (again)

Select your Service account.

You should now see your service account. If this is your first time adding a service account, it will be selected by default.

You can move back to direct sign in by selecting `use resource mailbox credentials`instead of a service account.

Note: Your service account needs read/write access to your resource mailbox. The fastest way (but not the only way) to do this is to add your service account as a delegate on your resource mailbox.

Enter your Resource Mailbox (Email Address)

and click "Provision Display".

Display Provisioned

Your display is provisioned & ready to use.

You can test it out by visiting and entering your display key.

Thanks for reading! Please reach out to support if you run into any issues during initial setup or provisioning.
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