More than three months ago, we submitted our app for verification with Google after receiving notice that all apps with access to G Suite data would be required to undergo a verification and security assessment.

However, after months of waiting and multiple follow-up requests, we have not yet received a response from Google.

Google's official FAQ for this issue is here:

What do New Users See?

There is a 100 user quota for sign in while we "wait for verification". We quickly reached this quota since many users rely on single-sign on to access their account. This is what new users will see:

There is no work around for Google sign in. However, you may still use an Email & Password to sign up for a Meeting Room 365 account.

What do Existing Users see?

Existing users will see a notification that the Meeting Room 365 app "has not yet been verified".

You can click through this prompt by selecting "Go to Meeting Room 365"

If you do not wish to use this option, you can sign up for a Meeting Room 365 account using your Email & Password. Verified email addresses on the correct tenant domain can be used to access meeting room displays previously only accessible via Google Single Sign on.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that Google will eventually make progress on their backlog.
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