How to Add a new Status Board Display

How to Add a new Status Board Display

The Status Board Display allows our users to mount a TV display which helps their employees and guests find available rooms or rooms near their current location.

In order to set up a Status Board Display, simply do the following:

Go to “[”]( and login using your Meeting Room 365 Admin Portal credentials.
Click on Add New Display. In case your web browser isn’t maximized, you may need to click on the button in the upper-left part of your dashboard to show the Add New Display option.
Select Status Board Display for the display type, give it a name and click on Create Display.
Once the Status Board Display is created it will appear under Status Board Displays.
Click on the display thumbnail to edit the display, and when you're ready to deploy, click on View Display and copy the URL provided.
You can use this Display URL to set up your Status Board Display on any device with a web browser.

We recommend Google Chromebit (by Asus) for the easiest setup, but you can also set your Status Board Display on any TV using a variety of Windows/Mac devices.

If you have any questions or concerns in setting up your Status Board Display, please feel free to reach out to us directly so we can assist you.
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