Fix for Android 4 & iOS 9 Style Issue

Issue: Some meeting room items get cut off on the right edge

As you see in the image above, some items are cut off on the right edge.


This issue has been reported on Android 4, iOS 9, and some proprietary tablet devices (Samsung, Crestron).


The solution is quite easy, and can be applied as a custom display style.

This can also be enabled via the theme builder.

/* Android 4 / iOS 9 Fix */  
.meetings {  
  top: initial;  
  left: initial;  
  right: initial;  
  bottom: initial;  
  padding-top: initial;  
  overflow-y: initial;  
  width: initial;  
  height: initial;  
.meetings {  
  top: 0;  
} {  
  left: 50px;  
  right: initial;  

Let us know if you have any issues!
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